Our Goal – Educational Equity

While half of all Americans from high-income families have a bachelor’s degree by age 25, just 1 in 10 from low-income families do. This inequity is growing increasingly harmful for all Americans. In 1990, the USA ranked first in the world in four-year degree attainment among 25-34 year olds. Today, the USA ranks 12th and continues to fall further behind its economic rivals.[1] Increasing College Opportunities for Low-Income Students, the Executive Office of the President, January 2014, page 3, https://obamawhitehouse.archives.gov/sites/default/files/docs/increasing_college_opportunity_for_low-income_students_report.pdf

As more jobs require higher levels of education and specialized training, a college education is one of the surest ways into the middle class. Yet college access and attainment remain unequal. This is why we work in under-served communities to provide students more equitable educational opportunities. Becoming college ready requires a solid base in core academic skills – reading, math and science.  College readiness starts early – in elementary school and middle school. The United States demonstrates the need for many children, especially Black and Hispanic youth, for data-driven, personalized educational support.

Why Change

Every child in the world should have access to an equitable education. We can no longer use an antiquated system to enrich the minds of the future. Sometimes it’s easier to tear down what doesn’t work and rebuild the infrastructure to be better, more intentional and resilient to spark the ingenious potential within each child.


To nurture the students intrinsic love of learning, encourage a growth mindset, and provide a customized education to achieve academic success helping them to become college and career ready.

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