The BLA Way

We believe that immersion and a multi-sensory teaching approach intrinsicly connects better with a growing and developing child. Every child is tested for multiple intelligence and we use this data to provide the most unique customization feature that no other program does. Schools are limited because teachers have a one to many ratio, so many personalities, and learning styles to tend to. However with BLA we can deliver on teaching to the way you learn.

The Brain

Our brains love to learn. It wants to learn so much that experts say our subconscious mind has 50,000 plus thoughts per day. Through customization, we can reveal the inner-workings of the brain by training and coaching students HOW to think. We’ll strengthen your perception, memory, attention and lower stress levels.

The Holistic Model

Our integrative approach to learning involves the most influential people, the Parent, Teacher, Academic Mentor, and the Child. We have a communication process that streamline information from each influencer so our tutors use intentional strategies in goal setting. This informed decision making process is collaborative taking into consideration each person’s voice which helps each child grow and learn at an accelerated pace. We are the support team for every child.

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