Bright Learning Academy is a New Jersey not for profit 501c(3) that offers customized education plans for every type of learner. Whether your child is in public, private or charter school, we can help. If he/she is above grade level or below, we can support you. Our multi-sensory and tailored lesson plans assist students with special needs, ESL, unmotivated, or simply students who are not prepared for the rigors of life and college. We are here to close the achievement gap and prepare children for the competitive landscape of the 21st century.

Become an Academic Mentor

BLA is a brilliant way for Academic mentors to be matched with students. This eliminates the process of finding a steady source of clients. As an Academic mentor you’ll hold the position as both a tutor and mentor combined. If you are passionate about transformational education and teaching children to aspire for greatness then working for BLA is the place for you. We are hiring academic mentors from all over the world. We offer a competitive pay rate and flexible hours. Interested parties should register below.

We are looking for talented interns and volunteers aspiring to join our team of experienced professionals dedicated to improving education. If you have a global mindset and want real world experience in non profit development, wait no further. With flexible hours, you can work from anywhere in the world.