What’s the Buzz about BLA

Build an Education Program

Daniel Davis (Student)
“Pierce is a good tutor and I thank him for all he has done. It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to our other sessions. —

Ms. Alexia is a very good and funny tutor. I am happy she has helped me to pass my Math classes and I am looking forward to more sessions. My sessions were awesome.”

Simone Spigner (Parent)
“My daughter’s SAT scores increased by 200 points after a month of sessions! I am so very proud of her, thanks for everything!

Donald Smith (Student)

“All of this Reading and Math work has been really helpful and fun, especially playing Scrabble with Pierce.”

Donovan Spigner (Student)
“The past sixteen weeks were the most helpful weeks of my life. I learned a lot of new Math and Writing tips. These 16 weeks were fun!”

Individualized Tutoring

Candace Tyndall (Parent)
Grace’s teacher tells me that her Terra Nova scores are as follows: 4.8 Reading and 4.6 Math! She says this test was much more difficult than before. She then excitedly remarked to me how far Grace has come in terms of her confidence and academics.”

Flora Jenkins (GrandParent)
“I am very pleased with the tutor ing Anias is receiving from Bright Learning Academy! I see a light in her and believe this program has sparked it. When Anias visited me this past weekend in PA she couldn’t stop talking to me about what she was learning. I was so happy, she actually taught me all the tricks and steps that she learned. Not only is she understanding her work she really is enjoying it, thank you so much!”

Kimberly Hebert, MSW “Bright Learning Academy stepped into our lives when they were most needed. My son, who has high functioning autism, had great abilities but many holes in his academics. Ms. Renee assessed him and found that he had a great many strengths, but I was most impressed with was the detailed lesson plans for his areas of weakness. Ms. Renee provided great lessons that allowed me to work with my son daily on the areas that needed the most amelioration”
“Ms. Renee was able to engage my son both academically and socially and became part of our family. Her ability to work with students who need greater attention is comparable to teachers in a private school setting. She is a gem among gems. Her tutoring helped my son move ahead two grade levels in assessments within six months in his most needed areas. She will always be a part of our family, and she will always come highly recommended from me. Thank you Ms. Renee!”
Holly Skalski (Parent) “As a parent with a special needs child, it was challenge if not impossible to find an educator qualified to help my daughter.Then Bright Learning Academy entered our lives and suddenly my daughter was learning, engaged and confident! Ms Renee was able to facilitate learning for my child where no one else could. Ms. Renee kept her focused and made learning fun for the first time in her academic life. We are and always will be grateful for all of Ms. Renee’s guidance.”

Home-School Coop

Andrea Herbert
“Thank you for a wonderful first day. Aurora loved her time with you. Please let me know how I can help out. I am so excited about this coop. Thank you for all the effort and work you are putting into the school.”
(Coop Parent)
“My son cried for 20 minutes this morning because he had to miss the coop.”